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We specialise in outdoor advertising on billboards, bus shelters, on courtesy seats, taxi backs and other such publicly visible locations. Our large format advertising ensures that the wide spectrum of advertisers from private or public entities who choose to use our services, get their message noticed in a most effective way.


Since setting up this business 15 years ago, in what was, at the time, an innovative sphere of advertising for Malta & Gozo, we have formed a sales team composed of sales people with wide knowledge and experience in the use of directional signage. Billboard Advertising Ltd's production team is trained in the creation, distribution and effective placement of advertising material, including mega-sized billboard posters, street banners, in-store posters or other publicity material.


Our key clients are involved in promoting Music, Arts, Events & Street Culture. We help promote concerts, theatre groups, film distributors, advertising agencies, publicists, marketers, agents & more.


Allow us to catch people's attention for you.

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